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Ag. Woods 7

AG 711 & AG 712

Grade Levels:7th
Course Length:All Year


Length of Class: Year (both 1st & 2nd semesters)

Grade Level(s): 7th  Grade

Elective A/B Class

This course is available to all 7th grade students.  It is a hands-on classroom opportunity for students to gain initial shop skills in a traditional introductory agriculture woodshop setting.  Students will design and fabricate simple wood projects through a study of woods and wood processes, product design and related operations, products, pricing of materials, and occupations coupled with training in the use of simple hand tools.  Knowledge is acquired in these skills through simple projects.  The class will cover the safety practices followed in the work environment.  Competency will be gained with both classroom and shop time used to explore through project building and design.