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Art II

ART 811 & ART 812

Grade Levels:07, 08
Course Length:Year
Prerequisites:Elective A/B Class with a prerequisite of Art I completion


Length of Class: Year (both 1st & 2nd semesters)

Grade Level(s): 8th Grade

Elective A/B Class with a prerequisite of Art I completion

This is a middle level art class that applies the introductory skills learned in Art I to the exploration of color theory, 3-dimensional design/sculpture, printing basics, and art appreciation. These new and higher level art skills enable students to formulate a personal style and preference in his/her art experience. The effective use of tempera, watercolor, oil, and acrylic paints will be stressed. Hand building will be explored in clay. Besides further experience of basic realistic drawing skills, abstract styles of art production will be explored. Design principles and elements, as well as black/white photography and Art History will be explored as well.