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Math 8

MA 811 & MA 812

Grade Levels:08
Course Length:Year
Prerequisites:Prerequisite(s): Math 7, MAP score of 223-245 recommended


Length of Class: Year (both 1st & 2nd semesters)

Grade Level(s): 8th Grade

Core Mathematics Class Prerequisite(s): Math 7,  MAP score of 223-245 recommended

Curriculum skills learned: Simplifying using order of operations of numeric and variable expressions, real number simplification using all forms; exponents, radicals/decimal equivalents, ordering and comparable values, solving equations and inequalities in one variable, solving systems of equations in two variables, graphing, substitution, elimination, set-up and solve word problems. Geometry area, perimeter volume and various shapes specific focus on 3 dimensionals of cones, spheres, pyramids. Measurement, unit conversion and analysis, complex probability, permutations and combinations.